Don't adjust yourself to your supplements.
Adjust your supplement to you!

Choose a custom formula supplement 100% tailored to your lifestyle and health needs. Blended always from the best ingredients. Served in one daily portion.

When choosing a supplement, everything matters.

Personalise your supplement

Change poorly chosen supplements
to Sundose!

Most dietary supplements you know have just one, fixed formula that is supposed to be suitable for everybody. But in reality, each of us is different and has different needs which may also change over time.

Sundose is your supplement solution for every day, tailored to you and changing with you.

Personalised formula, delivered in sachet form, allows you to take in just the nutrients you need daily, in just the right quantities.

What are the most common mistakes in typical supplementation?

  • In many supplements the amount of vitamin D is much smaller than its desired intake.

  • Some other nutrients (like vitamin C, which has recently become fashionable) come in too large amounts.

  • The amount of mineral substances, such as calcium, selenium and iodine, is often inadequate for your body needs as well - and usually too small.

Research shows that 91% supplement takers choose their supplements themselves.
In most cases, incorrectly.

Personalise your supplement

    Sundose is a one-of-a-kind supplement. Each formulation is blended individually in our laboratory and 100% tailored to your needs by our nutritionist, based on the results of our health survey and blood tests. Sundose is available in a vegan version, too.


    Sundose is a mix of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 acids, probiotics and antioxidants. They can all be found in your custom formula, provided that you really need them. Sundose is free from any unnecessary substances: preservatives, colouring agents or fillers.


    We rely on standardised ingredients and manufacturing processes which guarantee that each sachet of Sundose is of the highest possible quality. We have received the following quality certifications: GMP pharmaceutical standard and ISO quality standard. Sundose does not contain preservatives and so it has a shorter expiration date and should be kept in the fridge.


    Sundose is a small nutritional sachet, taken daily with your breakfast - that's it! Easy to take to work or on a trip. Supplementation has never been easier!


    Each Sundose formula is just like its taker. Unique and always changing. Month by month, we will adjust your formula based on the changes in your lifestyle and health habits.

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They've tried Sundose - join them!

  • “Many clients of Nutricus live a very fast life and have no time to take proper care of their diets. The advantage Sundose has over other supplements is that its composition is perfectly tied to an individual. This is why I recommend it to my clients.”

    Persona 2


  • “Because the supplement is personalized to me and my lifestyle, I can be sure it has all the ingredients I need and that I’m now making up for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may crop up in my busy daily life.”

    Persona 3


  • “Sundose is the perfect choice for those who put their health first! For me, an elixir of well-being!" I highly recommend it.”

    Persona 4

    Personal Trainer

  • “I came across Sundose, i.e. supplements individually tailored on the basis of health survey (great questions like: "How many Brazil nuts do you eat per week?"). I got sachets and tablets divided into portions, very convenient.”

    Persona 5


  • “Very easy to use, just one packet per day dissolved in water contains a mix of everything you need!”

    Persona 7

    Personal Trainer

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The highest quality in product preparing you for the day ahead.

Sundose components are tailored for you based on recommendations by leading health specialists and the most recent scientific findings. Day to day, we work with nutritionists and personal trainers who use Sundose and recommend it to their clients.

Each sachet of Sundose is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards in a certified laboratory. We have received the following quality certifications: GMP pharmaceutical standard required for medicinal product and ISO quality standard.

Order today.
Collect within a week!

Start by filling out the health survey, developed by Sundose nutrition experts. Based on the analysis of your answers, we'll prepare individual supplementation recommendations for you. We'll tailor the components and their amounts to your body and lifestyle needs. This will be your unique formula.

You can order your Sundose right after you complete our health survey. If you have any questions or comments about the formula, don't worry! Before we start blending your supplement in the laboratory, our nutrition expert will contact you to discuss any additional factors, including the results of your blood tests (if you have them).

If you find at any point that you're not satisfied with the service, just cancel your order and you will get a full refund of your payment!

Now sit back and relax! Your delivery will arrive within a week. Drink a glass of water with Sundose after breakfast and ... That's it. No handfuls of pills - just what you need. Have a great day!

Sundose is more than just a supplement. It's your individual supplementation program. When there are just a few sachets of Sundose left in your fridge, we will contact you to discuss any changes that might have occurred in your lifestyle that may affect the composition of your Sundose. Based on that, we'll adjust the current formula.

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